Pro Builders is a SLO General Contractor
Licensed and Bonded - License No. 872051
Ph: (805) 547-9800

Woodworking FAQ

  1. How long have we been in business?
  2. Our company was founded in 2005 but our master craftsmen have been creating fine wood products for over 30 years. We take pride in our work and seek out projects that allow us to create some of the most beautiful, well made furniture and finish carpentry in the world. That includes furniture grade cabinetry, furniture, stair cases, inlayed wood floors, stained glass, and much more.

  3. Company resources?
  4. Our company has several specialized facilities including a fully equipped wood shop, machine shop and engineering design studio.

  5. Highly skilled craftsmen?
  6. There is a limited number of exceptionally skilled craftsmen in the world. Unfortunately, most of them are available to a limited number of people.

  7. What type of woods do you use?
  8. There are only a few woods that are commonly used for cabinets, millwork and finished carpentry compared to the total number of different works available. Many are in limited supply or almost impossible to get. We have several wood merchants that enable us to offer a moderate variety of exotic works. If you have a special request for a particular type of wood, we have a network that probably can supply it. Exotic woods are often sold by the pound instead of the traditional board-feet. Material prices for exotic projects vary greatly and subject to availability.

  9. What is your company specialty?
  10. We don’t really specialize - per se. Our craftsmen are competent in most forms of woodworking and fabrication including wood bending. We have a CNC machine shop that can make custom or rare moulding cutters and speciality tools and hardware. We are a full service company, working with wood, plastics, ceramics, glass, steel and other exotic materials like titanium and carbon fiber. General product areas include architectural woodwork and repetitive items such as store fixtures and commercial displays.

  11. Do you install your work?
  12. Pro Builders is a licensed and bonded general contracting company. We can not only install our work but we can remodel the environment to accommodate our work.

  13. Do you provide finishing?
  14. We can provide custom finishes in dedicated finishing facility. We are proud of the different finishes that we can provide and consider it one of the most important factors in high quality woodwork and fabrication. We provide a variety of traditional and modern, high-tech finishes.

  15. What is your design capability?
  16. We use CAD (computer aided design) to design and model projects. That allow the creation of photo-realistic renderings for customers and machine code for our CNC equipment when needed. We often get involved in the initial conceptual design and engineering of our customer’s projects.