Guide to Designing a Great Kitchen 

How this Guide works

The process and knowledge you need to effectively design a compelling kitchen is outlined in the menu to the left. Start at the top and proceed through the materilal to the bottom. It is not necessary to follow the order that we have set out for you but covering all the information will give you a strong foundation for kitchen design. If you are already familiiar with a topic, we still encourage you to skim through the material anyway to make sure we haven’t presented something that will benefit your overall understanding of what needs to be accomplished. When you click on a topic, information about that topic will be presented and sometimes a far right column will display pictures and other media that show examples or further explain the topic being presented. All the pictures in this guide are presented as thumbnail images that expand out to full size when you click on them. To dismiss the image just click on it again.

Additional thoughts to consider

Remodeling your kitchen is serious business. Why? First off, it is the hub of you home's family and social life so almost everyone that is important in your life will spend time there. Second, unlike other rooms in your house, designing a kitchen is somewhat technical. It involves all the different utility subsystems that come into you house. Equally challenging to figure out is that cooking by its very nature is an ever-changing, multi-step, production process that requires several different tools, machines and appliances. Many of those have to be stored or fetched, often with other people helping out or standing around. Since the kitchen is usually involved in all social activity, it should be easy to clean up and organize in a hurry - before company arrives. And of course the most important thing is that it should be comfortable to work in and make you feel happy.

Don’t get discouraged

Designing a kitchen can seem overwhelming. But it's basically like cooking. First, you decided what you are going to do. Next, check to see what you have on hand and what you need to acquire. Finally, set about accomplishing your goal in an well-defined, organized and orderly series of steps. Expert assistance is always a great benefit and that is where Pro Builders comes in. Give us a call and let us help you out. We are experts at kitchen design and we have world-class interior designers that work only with our clients.