Understanding How Food Flows Through Your Kitchen

The optimal way to design a kitchen is to first understand how food flows through the kitchen. Then when you evaluate the different kitchen layouts, you will be able to visualize how to organize major kitchen components to get better harmony and rhythm in your kitchen for high efficiency. Try to position work centers in a sequence that is based on the way food flows through the kitchen. In general, food comes in the back door and then is stored in a pantry or the refrigerator. It is then taken out of the refrigerator, washed at the cleaning center and moved to the mix center where it is prepared to serve or moved to the cooking center. If the work centers are basically in that order, kitchen work will be much easier with fewer wasted steps.


Plan A is more efficient since food moves sequentially into and out of storage and then through the different workstations towards the table. Plan B requires a lot of backtracking.