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handShake1Construction contracts can often be very complex but they do not have to be. The best ones are really rather simple. They should contain easy to understand language and are written using the same language that a person speaks with wording that is easily understood. The sentences are short, concise and clear. That way you know exactly what is being agreed to and exactly what is going to happen and by when. If you feel that you need an attorney to understand the contract, look for a different contractor.

If you feel like you are being put in a bind to sign a contract before it can be properly explained and reviewed then add a clause that gives you the right to show the contract to an attorney typically within five business days. The clause must also contain language stating that you have the right to revise the contract at the attorney's suggestion. That way you are protected. Having a solid contract is necessary. But having excellent detailed plans are just as important. sunriseHave the contractor provide plans and written specifications that contain all the particulars you want in your project. Then the contract should refer to those documents. They become a part of the contract. It takes extra time to develop great plans but the process is well worth it. Drawing good plans forces you to make all the important decisions up front before the project begins. If you wait to make decisions as the project is under way:

  • There is a lot more pressure associated with the project
  • Important considerations may be forgotten or ill-considered
  • Your material options may be limited
  • The job does not go as smoothly
  • Communication may not be relaxed
  • Change Orders are costly and create job delays

Pro Builders believes in having everything out in the open up front. We have found that customer satisfaction is greatly increased and the whole project proceeds smoothly to the desired and expected conclusion. We believe that working with us will be a satisfying experience that you will appreciate.

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Pro Builders is a SLO (San Luis Obispo) General Contractor

Licensed and Bonded - License No. 872051