The Art of a Construction Project

responsibilityTrustThe construction process is a complex combination of accurate communication, skill in design, and building artisanship all directed by intelligent project management and political savvy. In order to finish a construction project and have everyone involved feel like it is successful there must be a clear understanding and vision at the beginning of what success should look like at the end. How does that happen? The Art of a Construction Project lays the whole process out for your consideration.

small_theodoliteBefore a construction project is started, the project owner should review and become familiar with the process, who is involved, who is responsible for what, and what the qualifications for each job are. Starting off on the right foot makes the whole process much easier, and best of all, enjoyable.

The menu on the left follows the construction process from beginning to end. It is abbreviated to make reading move along quickly but it still contains the key elements necessary for accurate understanding. Considering the magnitude of a construction project, the time invested is minor compared to the amount of frustration, worry, confusion and unwanted surprises that will be prevented.