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My wife and I live in a 3,200 square foot house with our two sons. We wanted to remodel our entire home. That included the master bath, master bedroom, kitchen, dining room and adding two master walk-in closets. We were unsure of which builder to use. Then we were referred to Pro Builders by some friends who had just used them to build a second story addition. I was skeptical but after talking to them we decided to go ahead with the project.


They did an amazing job and our house turned out better then we first imagined. The job turned out to be bigger then we first planned because we made several changes. Pro Builders was really helpful during the changes. Our house really looks great! I highly recommend Pro Builders.

D.K., San Luis Obispo

Get To Know Pro Builders

Only one thing is better than seeing beautiful architecture...
  Designing and building it!

Pro Builders has consistently made its Central Coast clients happy for over 10 years. The reason clients feel that way is because our company is founded on a very powerful mission and that is to:

  • Use superior materials and products
  • To build sound structures with expert craftsmanship and modern construction techniques
  • At an affordable price!

The testimonials quoted throughout our site say it best! We think our Name and Mission reaffirm our intention:

Craftsmanship in Construction

Our professional team is made up of highly skilled experts that deliver the highest level of craftsmanship possible. We turn dreams into reality, we truly do, for many clients each year and we can do it for you!

Each team member has extensive experience in all phases of the construction trade and receives training in the newest technologies and materials available. We regularly invite and receive vendor representatives of the best, most modern products to visit us to demonstrate the uses of and techniques for installing and/or applying their products. We regularly attend industry workshops, keep up-to-date on the latest trade journals and implement industry best practices in our work. And every team member is accountable to these high standards - even the boss!

We are focused on providing the best custom service to all our clients with the utmost care and respect they deserve. We understand that construction projects can often be very disruptive and challenging to our clients' lives. We are extremely respectful of your quality of life during a project and through effective communication and contemporary project management techniques, every effort is put forward to minimize the disruption associated with a building project.

We will be glad to furnish you with references of those we have worked with in the past. Many are continued clients and are happy to talk to you about their experiences with our company. We look forward to meeting and working with you to make your home or business construction project dream a reality.

Don't hesitate any longer to move forward with that important home improvement project. Pro Builders is a licensed general contractor that will coach you through the process of realizing your dream remodel without worry or confusion! We specialize in communicating with our clients. Call us today at 805.547.9800 or click on the button below and find out for yourself.