Computer Aided Design

Free Computer Aided Design (CAD) 2D/3D Software for Home Layout and Design. There are no strings or obligations. Sweet Home 3D is an Open Source software project that has a large community of users and developers behind it.

Pro Builders uses CAD software for complex design and engineering projects. We decided to see what software was out there to help our friends with their construction design projects. During our exploration we came across an open source program called Sweet Home 3D. We like it and have begun using it ourself. We recommend it to our clients that are interested in exploring CAD software to help design new and remodel construction projects. It provides a good introduction to computer automated design tools.

CAD programs can be intimidating for beginners but you will find Sweet Home 3D exceedingly easy to use once you review the Users Guide and spend a little time getting use to the simple interface. It definitely makes kitchen design a lot of fun! We know that some people will find CAD frustrating and confusing at first so will prefer to use hand-drawn sketches created with ruler, paper and pencil - that’s good too. We think you will appreciate this tool if you are inclined toward using your computer for design or interested in finding out about CAD. After all... It’s FREE and it works. On the right are a few images created using CAD design tools. The top 4 are done with Sweet Home 3D. The bottom 4 were done with high end software that creates photo-realistic images to show what can be done using professional computer tools.

Below is a snippet of edited verbiage off the Sweet Home 3D website.

Off Their Website: "Sweet Home 3D is a free, open source interior design application that allows you draw the walls of your home upon the image of an imported plan, change the color or the texture of each room, and drag and drop furniture onto the plan from a catalog organized by categories (windows, doors, living room, kitchen). At the same time that you are constructing the floor plan in the 2D screen Sweet Home 3D builds a 3D model that you can navigate in an aerial viewpoint or from a virtual visitor view point. A very important feature is that you can print out your home design plan or export the model in OBJ format to import into other 2D, 3D and design software tools."

You can download your own free copy of Sweet Home 3D that will run on Mac, Windows or most versions of Unix (including Solaris and Linux).

There is a large array of other home design software available that can be found on the Internet by searching for “home design software.”

Pro Builders is not affiliated with Sweet Home 3D and does not receive any compensation for our recommendation of their software. We DO NOT provide technical support for their software. For answers to technical questions, visit the Sweet Home 3D Community Forum located on their website.

1_SH_FloorPlan 2_SH_House 3_SH_Kitchen 4_SH_LivingRoom 5_HE_Kitchen_Lighting 6_ HE_Contempory_Kitchen 7_HE_Classic_Kitchen 8_Old_Fashion_Kitchen