Building Permits


First Comes the Building Permit

Before construction can begin on a project the necessary building permits must be received from the appropriate municipality. The specifications and blueprints of the project are turned into the Building Department, along with an application for a permit. The issuance of a permit may take time, because the approval process is likely quite involved, especially in the case of new construction.

The general contractor or owner may have to submit results of soil testing, environmental impact studies, or other information. Sometimes a public hearing is mandated, if opposition to the project is known. However, in most cases, the permit is issued within a few months. The cost of the permit may be the responsibility of the general contractor. The owner may pay for it, however, along with the costs of any related studies.

Construction projects follow the standards of the Uniform Building Code. A Building inspector examines the project at various stages to verify that the project is being constructed according to this Code.

IRS Construction Industry Audit Technique Guide (ATG) - Chapter 1, Publication Date - May 2009
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